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Residential Construction

We provide residential building solutions. If you are ready to build your  "Dream Home", add a space to your existing home or remodel we are here for you!  We have a strong network of talented local professionals that we work with.  We pride ourselves in attention to the detail & utilizing innovative technologies and materials that combine to create homes that not only stand the test of time but set a new standard in modern living. 

New residential building projects including remodels require an experienced general contractor, who can navigate the process flow with efficiency and grace and handle large and small facets of projects with many moving parts. 

CAPP Custom Builders, LLC sets itself apart from residential construction contractors in number of ways. We believe in our work and are here to guide, inform and realize your ideas from beginning to end.  Here are a few things that make us the best choice for you!


We research, educate & utilise new technologies, materials and techniques in building & construction that can increase energy eficiency, save on energy costs and improve indoor air and water quality. 

Our state of the art building project managment tools allow you to know the status, timeline, notes, pictures and on all  aspects of your build at a touch of a button. 27/7

Relax and enjoy the assurance & luxury of utilizing OUR team of tried and tested, licensed, bonded and insured professionals for your custom building project. 

We respect your time and contract deadlines. We don't cut corners or surprise you with extra costs. Honest, straightforward, quality work is what we are known for and how we got our name. Work with us and you will see that we mean what we say and our work speaks for itself. 

Why Choose CAPP Custom Builders, LLC ?


Commercial Construction


 We provide commercial building solutions for local businesses.

By partnering with some of the finest tradesmen in the industry, the quality of our work cannot be matched and we pride ourselves in attention to the detail & utilizing innovative technologies and materials. Commercial building projects require an experienced general contractor, who knows the common pitfalls and can navigate them without extra cost to the client. It's important to us that we not only build with quality craftsmanship, but also build relationships with our clients that will last a lifetime.

Arizona continues to grow and it has plenty of space to do that. 

Nicknamed the "Silicon Desert" by tech companies who have abandoned the exorbitant cost of living in California and are looking for a place to create their own empire. 

Even after the developers fed upon every last morsel of publically available property during the crash, Arizona continues to shed its skin with the promise of a glorious economic and cultural rennissance. As the valley of the sun circulates its culture and commerce with out of state interests, the future of Arizona as a significant economic and innovation center becomes apparent. 

Community Map.jpg

 Explore the communities of commerce in Arizona by clicking on the stars in the map below. Find the best community for you and your family, loved one or business.

Arizona has a lot of variety and opportunity to offer; from rural to urban, small scale to large scale, the scenic beauty of this fruitful desert is sure to amaze you.

There are many different types of environments and industries that make up Phoenix  otherwise known as the "valley of the sun".  


From breezy canals and lush urban environments to high rock cliffs that overlook it all. The choice is yours and the price is right, come buy and build in this amazing state and

you will see why so many call it " Paradise."

Modern Workspace

Commerce in Arizona

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